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magic moments…. |california children’s photographer jennifer wilson

sometimes….when you are a mom….you come across *magic moments*…and you say to yourself “this is a moment i will want to remember ALWAYS*…and sometimes….if you are lucky….there will be a camera nearby… this is my baby. she drives me insane. she will pay me back for every rotten thing i ever did as a teenager....

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I won! I won! (**very** good day at the Professional Photographers of California print competition!)

I won!!!! So, what did I win, you ask? (do you think it is weird that i always fill in *your* part of the conversation?) I won (insert drum roll here please……..) Children’s Photographer of the Year 2009!!! This is my second time in four years to win this title!! I can’t believe it –...

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i **might** have something exciting to say…..

…soon. haha isn’t that annoying? ok. since you asked (you did ask – didn’t you?) here are a few hints :) 1) i **might** be announcing that I won something pretty cool …. AND 2) i **might** be announcing that i am teaming up with my buddy (and super-fabulously-talented photographer) on some cool new projects…...

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