Monthly Archives: February 2008

sisters!!! (…and daughters!)

Well now – its not very often that I get the call to photograph *grown ups*! Jamie called and asked if could photograph her sisters (and herself!) and it just sounded like too much fun to pass up! They were a blast! AS a special little *bonus* to me, Jamie’s daughters are so exceptionally beautiful...

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Thirst Relief Auction

Some wonderfully generous photographers have banded together and are holding an auction to benefit Thirst Relief International, a charity that helps provide fresh drinking water to areas that need help. Learn more about Thirst Relief here. If you are a photographer and you want to bid (but if you outbid me on my faves, I’ll...

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lily and sara

ah. Time to stop being a blog-slacker. Let’s take a brief jump back in time to last month :) Lily is one of my favorite little girls, she is always such a bundle of energy, full of silliness and just a lot of fun! Now she has taken on a new role, that of big...

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