Adorable one year old – up-for-anything parents – and a beautiful sunset – what more could a girl ask for??? Little miss Caitlyn was feeling a wee bit under the weather the day of our session – but you would never know it to watch her giggle and play and dig her toes into the sand….

Have I mentioned how happy I am that its *beach season* again? I mean, not that it isn’t ever NOT beach season in sunny southern California – but still, this is the time of year where it seems I make that little trip to the beach more and more – and I am reminded again and again how fortunate I am to be doing what I love – out in the fresh air and sunshine – with some of the nicest people ever! Lucky me….

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Hilary Duff and her adorable baby boy Luca Cruz, with her husband Mike Comrie

It is truly an honor when someone chooses you (or me, in this case – haha!) to capture those first family photos. You know there will be gazillions more photos to come – but those first ones? Those are pretty special. I was so very flattered when I was contacted by the stunningly beautiful Hilary Duff and her handsome hockey hubby Mike Comrie to come to their home and take those first photos of their adorably perfect son Luca Cruz (don’t you just LOVE his name??) Those first few weeks when you bring your first child home can be such a crazy whirlwind, I’m so happy I could be there for a part of it and that they will have these photos to always remind them of their first few weeks of parenthood. Hilary and Mike, congrats again – Luca is beautiful – can’t wait to see him – and you (and the pups) again in a few weeks!! :)

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Luca Cruz Comrie, adorable newborn son of Hilary Duff and Mike Comrie, photo ©Jennifer Wilson Photography

Luca Cruz Comrie, adorable newborn son of Hilary Duff and Mike Comrie, photo ©Jennifer Wilson Photography

I know I should act all super cool and *its no big deal* – but I have to admit to being a teeny bit excited (okay, okay, I was thrilled!!) to seeing my photos all over the web and on the front page of People magazine’s website! I know, I’m a dork……

screenshot of People magazine website with Hilary Duff/Mike Comrie family photo

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Texas and California and New York, oh my!! (spring/summer schedule news)

Lots of exciting stuff going on here at Jennifer Wilson Photography! This weekend, my kiddos and I are embarking on what we are calling our *GREAT ADVENTURE* – we are sort of living a nomadic lifestyle from now throughout the end of August! I’ll still be booking sessions in Los Angeles, (will be in LA the first week of May, first week of June, and mid-July before returning for good in August) but I will also be taking sessions in Houston, Dallas and New York City. Please contact me ASAP at if you would like to book and let’s see if we can get you in during our great American roadtrip!

(and now, back to packing…..)

Oh, and PS – the next few days may be a bit crazy on the road with two kids, three big dogs and my Mom!! Not sure how much I’ll be logging on , I’d like to keep the first part of our adventure as *unplugged* as possible, so please forgive me if I take a few days to get back to you!

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Time to hit the beach!! (California family beach photographer)

It’s spring break this week- and we have been having some fun in the sun – which always make me think of BEACH sessions! Here are a few of the lovely Miss Madison. We hung out in Rancho Palos Verdes – she skipped and twirled and had a ball – as did I! (and if you simply can’t get enough of her cuteness – check out this session we did awhile back in Manhattan Beach

Rejected Valentine….(she wouldn’t let me use this one!) LA kids photographer

I know this is twisted (and probably blows my rep for being **fun** at my sessions – haha) but it is just too funny (in my own little mind) not to share!! This is my precious little daughter – and a Valentine that we will NOT be sharing in her class today….Oh, and just for the record – she is MAD-crying (her brother said something about one of her oranges), don’t worry, she is not actually broken-hearted!


Stella is one!! | Rancho Palos Verdes baby photographer Jennifer Wilson

Just before Christmas I had the pleasure of photographing the adorable Miss Stella – just a few days shyof her first birthday. I love the *magic of Christmas* feel in these first two images…..

Here are a few sample layouts I locked up as a sample of the fine art book…

beautiful baby girl lifestyle photos
width="700" height="467" alt="" title="stella03" />

My *wall of love* – and a Cyber-Monday deal that’s too good to pass up!

Oooooooh – I’ve been DYING to share my *wall of love* for some time now! Words cannot describe how blissfully ecstatic my wall makes me -every time I walk up or down my stairs I see my babies (and my puppies!) smiling down on me. Honestly, I always thought of myself as a *small print* person – but I was oh-so-WRONG!!! Individually, these actually aren’t that big (each gallery canvas is 12 inches square) but the whole display altogether is almost 6 ft x 7 ft of pure happiness! What better ART could I have for my home???

I know how delighted I am by my display of photos – and I want YOU to feel the same! The beauty of the *square* is that it is so modular – you can have just one, or a row of 3, or a grid of 4, 9, 12…… and keep building on as the years go by! When your kids are all grown up and move out, they will be able to take them to their own homes instead of stuck in a garage or attic somewhere.

For my BIG CYBER-MONDAY special, I would like to GIVE you one of these canvases with your next session! Just book your session by midnight tonight (11/28) for January-March of 2012 and I will GIVE you a beautiful gallery wrap canvas for FREE! (value $250) My session fee for 2012 is $250/weekday or $300/weekend, so it is like getting a free session. BUT WAIT (said in my best *announcer-voice*!!!) It can get even better! Book your session and pre-purchase THREE canvases ($750) and I will not only give you the 4th canvas free, but will waive the session fee! That is FOUR canvases AND a complimentary session – for $750! (value $1250).
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©jennifer wilson photography - photo display ideas, wall of canvases, black and white canvas grouping

12 x 12 canvas squares, my *wall of love* ©

To book your *Jan-Feb-March session and receive your free 12 inch canvas*, please use the top Paypal button – please choose a weekday or weekend option. To choose the* Jan-Feb-March Buy 3, get one free (plus free session!)* option, please use the bottom Paypal button.

THE FINE PRINT: CA sales tax and shipping charges will be added to your final invoice (after your session is complete). Travel within 50 miles roundtrip of zip code 91354 is included, additional travel fees will apply to longer distances.

Jan-Feb-March session fee w/ FREE 12 inch canvas

” width=”1″ height=”1″>

Jan-Feb-Mar session w/4 12 inch canvases

The Koechners – my fabulously funny friend and her fantastic family | Los Angeles family photographer

My lovely friend Leigh her handsome hubby David and their beautiful kiddos. Leigh and I have been friends for almost 20 years now, I still remember right when she met Dave on a plane coming back from Kansas and told me “this is the man I am going to marry!”. I just rolled my eyes and thought * uh huh…sure…* – but now, all these years later, look what a stunningly gorgeous family these two have created! Always my *funny* friend (if she looks familiar you may have seen her on Oprah’s “Your OWN Show” earlier this year) we sort of went through that *friends that don’t really see each other* stage the last few years – and I am so happy to have reconnected this year. An added bonus is that she is married to Dave, who is ALWAYS hysterical, and yet super-sweet at the same time! It seems like Dave is in every other movie made these days, you may recognize him as Champ, the chauvinistic sportscaster in “Anchorman” or as the infamous Todd Packer from “The Office” – whatever he is in, you know it is going to be a crack-up! Alright, enough chit-chat, just look at these pretty faces…..

Leigh and Dave Koechner and their beautiful kids

Leigh and David Koechner family photos

And now a little funny for your viewing pleasure….

Anchorman- Afternoon Delight music video w/Dave Koechner, Will Farrell, Paul Rudd and Steve Carrell

Country cutie, cows and all…

Meet Katelyn. Isn’t she adorable??? I don’t normally shoot high school seniors (but this was SO much fun that now I want to start!!) but I’ve known Katie since she was seven years old and how could I pass up the chance to photograph those freckles?? She is just as beautiful on the inside and I can’t wait to see what amazing adventures await her as she heads off to college….but for now she is still at home on the farm, cows and all…

post-birthday celebration (and some oh-so-tempting birthday specials!)

Her smile lights up my whole world…. and makes me realize how very much I have to be grateful for… (such as, not caring about ending a sentence with a preposition!)

These last couple have months have been quite a whirlwind for me, I’ve travelled to exotic countries (Malaysia and Thailand – more on that soon!) for some beautiful photo shoots, I’ve survived the back-to-school madness, I’ve just returned from a fantastic photographer’s retreat in Florida with 22 of the country’s best children’s photographers – and I’ve got lots and lots of new and exciting adventures on the horizon!

I also celebrated my birthday this week and I want to share the LOVE and give YOU a gift (or two!)

Book ANY session before midnight on Friday, September 30 – and receive a super-secret surprise **giftie** with your order!!


I am debuting a new *signature* storytelling session and I am SO excited about it! The new *signature* session includes your on-location photo session, a stunningly beautiful custom-designed leather storybook AND a gorgeous 16 x 24 canvas. In these crazy days of digital-photo-overload, I want you to be able to have and to hold this wonderful book. I want to see you tear up as you flip through the pages. And I want your children to be able to treasure these carefree childhood moments forever…..

The *signature* session WILL be $1850 (value $2350) but until Friday at midnight they are debuting at just $1400! That is a savings of almost ONE THOUSAND dollars over the a la carte pricing (and you will still get the special birthday **giftie**, you know you want it!!)

To book either a regular or signature session, you will need to email me at my NEW email address hellojenwilson AT or call me at 310-662-3680. Just for fun, lets add a silly secret code phrase in the subject line – please say ” the ice cream is in the box ” I have no idea what it means, but I am giggling as I type and thats always a good way to start the day!

More exciting news and updates to come, but meanwhile please enjoy this photo of my baby girl – this was her last photo with her *little* teeth, she is now sporting an enormous gap where those two front teeth used to be! They grow up so fast….

her smile lights up my whole world, ©jennifer wilson 2011

her smile lights up my whole world

Lily’s sixth birthday – party at The Coop! {Studio City children’s photographer}

I’ve been photographing pretty little Lily for several years now. (Actually, I’m just finishing up proofing their recent family session and realized that I hadn’t yet shown off Lily’s fantastic birthday party earlier this year!) Sooooooooo – let me correct that omission and invite you to feast your eyes on all this rainbow-colored loveliness! I have to admit, Lily’s mommy throws the BEST parties ever – each year I think she can’t possibly out-do the previous year – but she always pulls it off. This year’s soiree was held at The Coop – a super-cool funky kids playplace on Ventura Blvd in Studio City. If you are on the lookout for an amazing party venue, I’d have to give The Coop two big thumbs up. Lily and a gazillion of her friends climbed up rope ladders, slid into a giant ball pit, dressed up like fairies, discoed down on the light-up dance floor, made adorable flower crafts and had their pretty little faces painted. Not to mention loading up on sugar and running around like crazy-heads! I’m pretty sure a good time was had by all……

colorful party at The Coop

bright fun colorful birthday party Jennifer Wilson Photography

kids' birthday party at The Coop, Studio City children's playplace

Isabella Rose

You know how sometimes you just KNOW you are going to really REALLY like someone before you even meet them? That’s how I felt about sweet little IR’s mom, I could just tell we would hit it off. Session day comes and they are just so funny and fun to be around – and Isabella Rose just couldn’t be cuter!! She was such a doll, giggling and happy and wonderfully photogenic (my favorite combo – haha!)